Milkwood Primary School, Mossel Bay
Milkwood Primary School, Mossel Bay

Prologue: #PointPursuit

Major route changes continue to deepen the allure of the Cape Pioneer Trek, with one of the biggest draw cards this year coming right at the start.

We had to bring this one back – too many requests could not be ignored. The prologue route is the most spectacular in all the years and similar to that of 2015 and 2016 with an added cliff hanging single-track that has never been seen before. The start at Milkwood primary school is followed by a knee-jerking climb to the St Blaise lighthouse and then the single track starts, all along the edge of the drop-off towards the sea, truly exhilarating.


The boardwalks and beachfronts of the Point area will be on the menu as well as a beautiful view of the Bay where Bartholomew Dias set foot in 1488, then known as the Bay of Saint Blaise.


The distance is 15 km with around 500 meters of total vertical ascent – just note that the majority of the ascent happens in the first 4 kilometres!

Prologue: #PointPursuit