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Bike Delivery


Relax and enjoy the race! Let us take care of your bicycle!

Bicycle transport from Pretoria and Johannesburg to the

Momentum Health Cape Pioneer Trek presented by Biogen

We have an unique “roll in roll out” system and it is not necessary to take apart your bicycle. To book your bike, please visit:



Bike Service

JP van Zyl is well known in cycling circles. Cycling is in his blood, so if you want to talk tech, he is your go-to guy. As the official bike technical service provider, he offers a very affordable maintenance option for the duration of the race and all bookings and payment can be done directly with him.

JP van Zyl –
Please Note: Only Race approved Service Providers are allowed.

Car drive service

Car drive service by Langenhoven Gimnasium. Your car will be collected at the race start and driven through to the race finish in Oudtshoorn. The cost of this service is R1 075.00 and can be added on your rider profile. The school will be in contact after you purchased this package to discuss arrangements

For any questions or queries please contact:
Kalbas Nell
Cell: 076 934 2123


Daily routine


Rise and shine


Bag check-in opens


Breakfast starts


Bike park opens


Start chute opens: Check-in


Breakfast finishes


Rider bag check-in closes


Start chute closes: Seeded riders


Secure bike park closes


Race starts (Stage 3 & 4 start at 08:00)


First riders arrive


Race medical facility opens


Rider bag check-out opens


Bike park opens


Bike wash opens


Showers open



Lunch starts


Race office opens


Sports massage opens


Rider bag check out closes chief commissar


Race cut off – may vary daily at the discretion of the race commissaire


Rider bag check out closes chief commissar



Dinner starts




Dinner finishes


Race medical facility close


Showers close


Sports massage closes


Lights out

General Information

Momentum Health Cape Pioneer Trek presented by Biogen

Race registration: Milkwood Primary School, Mossel Bay

Saturday 13th October 2018
12:00 – 18:00

Race registration will take place at Milkwood Primary School in Marsh Street, Mossel Bay.
For directions, please see the map below. On registration day, all racers will complete the registration process, which includes completing and submitting the Participant Waiver & Disclaimer forms. Before registration, please read through these important documents.

During registration, you will receive your race package. Please check that all items that are meant to be inside, are inside – you will sign receipt for this!

Riders must please remember to present a photo identification document (driver’s license, passport or ID book), so bring that with you. Teams have to register together and no late registrations will be allowed. If a team has not registered, they will not be allowed to start. Riders with a UCI license who wish to be eligible for a seeding and prize money must please provide their license at registration.

Tented accommodation and camper van parking

Saturday 13th October 2018

The tented accommodation as well as the camper van parking areas are accessible for occupation as soon as a rider has completed his/her registration.

Pre-race function to commemorate the 10th edition of the race: Milkwood Primary School, Mossel Bay.

Saturday 13th October 2018
18:00 – 19:30

Pre-Race briefing: Milkwood Primary School, Mossel Bay.

Saturday 13th October 2018
19:30 – 20:00

The race briefing will take place at Milkwood Primary School and attendance is compulsory as vital information regarding the race will be communicated. Please see map above.

Official prologue training: The Point, Mossel Bay.

Sunday 14th October 2018
07:30 – 11:00 (last start 10:30)

The prologue route in the Point area will be open for official training purposes during the advertised times above. Only riders entered into the event are allowed access to the prologue route and riders must display their race number boards during training sessions. Riders not displaying their boards will be removed from the course.

Prologue Start | The Point, Mossel Bay

Sunday 14h October 2018
12:00 – 16:00

The prologue will be conducted in a time-trial format with a seeding system that will see slower riders starting first and faster riders starting later. Starting times will be published well in advance of race day.

Prologue Prize giving: The Point, Mossel Bay

Sunday 14th October 2018

Race bag check-in: Milkwood Primary School, Mossel Bay

Tuesday 16th October 2018
05:30 – 07:00

Bag check-in is at Milkwood Primary School on the rugby fields. The race bag that you will receive at registration will be the only piece of luggage that will be allowed on the bag transport truck.

Secure vehicle transport and parking: Race Village, Milkwood Primary School, Mossel Bay
Sunday 14th October 2018

This service is a fund raising initiative for Langenhoven Gimnasium High School in Oudtshoorn. Representatives from the school will be present at registration to address queries and arrange vehicle delivery. The drop-off point is at the Race Office, Race Village, Milkwood Primary School. Simply drop your vehicle here on Sunday afternoon – it will be delivered to Oudtshoorn and stored in a secure facility for the duration of the week. When you arrive at the finish, there will be transport to take you to your vehicle. The cost of this service is R990 and pre-booking is essential. You can add the service to your online rider profile.

Race Start Stage 1: The Point, Mossel Bay

Monday 15th October 2018

Momentum Health Cape Pioneer Trek Adventure presented by Biogen

Race registration: Van Kervel High School in Stander Street, George.

Tuesday 16th October 2018
17:00 – 20:00

Race registration will take place at Van Kervel High School in Stander Street, George.
On registration day, all racers will complete the registration process, which includes completing and submitting the Participant Waiver & Disclaimer forms. Before registration, please read through these important documents.
During registration, you will receive your race package. Please check that all items that are meant to be inside, are inside – you will sign a receipt for this!
Riders must please remember to present a photo identification document (driver’s license, passport or ID book), so bring that with you. No late registrations will be allowed. If a rider has not registered, he/she will not be allowed to start.

Race Start Stage 1: Time trial, Saasveld George

Wednesday 17th October 2018

Sport massage

EPT the ultimate recovery experience, a multi-disciplinary team, are privileged to provide you with a hands-on sports massage service on behalf of the event coordinators, Dryland. . Their massage therapy is administered with up to date treatment techniques, and effective treatment products, executed by highly qualified therapists. They also offer a variety of massage therapy products that enables the client to do self-treatment to ensure overall health of the body. Their professional services include recovery massage therapy, myofascial release, ice baths, strapping, taping and stretching. They also provide general advice on optimal recovery during and after the event. EPT is now working with COMPEX SA to provide you with another tool to aid in your post event recover. COMPEX, is an electrical muscle stimulation device developed over the past 30 years and houses up to date patented technology, or MI, scans YOUR muscle physiology and automatically adjust the parameters within the program to YOUR body/muscle state. COMPEX recovery programs are based on scientific evidence and results in a 300% increase in blood flow and 25% decrease in lactic acid.

We offer the following:

Massage and Stretching

Pre-event Massage and Stretching

Recovery Massage and Stretching

Strapping and Taping

Pre-event Strapping and Taping (Kinesio taping and EAB strapping)

Strapping and Taping (Kinesio taping and EAB strapping)

Foam rolling station

Foam rolling station (foam rollers and myofascial ball provided)



Three scrumptious meals per day starting with lunch on Sunday, 8 November 2019. Hospitality comes courtesy of the local community with all meals prepared locally with home cooked goodness. 


The Cape Pioneer Trek offers a full medical service at each stage location. Traveling medical personnel, including a race doctor and paramedics, will also be available en-route to handle emergencies. Serious cases will be transferred to any of the local hospitals that offer a more comprehensive service.

Basic medical services are free, but treatment of recurring injuries or pre-existing chronic conditions will be for the rider’s account. Supplies for daily strapping will be available at a cost to the rider. Please remember to carry the details of your medical insurance in case of hospitalisation.


Please bring your personal medication as prescribed by your doctor. We are riding through areas with lots of honey bees, so come prepared! Also carry sunblock with a sun protection factor of at least 20 SPF.

Momentum Health Cape Pioneer Trek ADVENTURE presented by Biogen

The Momentum Health Cape Pioneer Trek, presented by Biogen, continues to evolve and in its tenth edition it will undergo arguably its biggest change yet as Dryland Event Management introduce a four day taste of the Race with Soul: Momentum Health Cape Pioneer Trek Adventure, presented by Biogen.

Running concurrently to the main event the Cape Pioneer Trek Adventure will start on the 17th of October 2018, in George, and conclude on the 20th of October, in Oudtshoorn. The stages will include a time trial through the forest singletracks of George, the traditional ascent of the Montagu Pass and crossing of the Klein Karoo to Oudtshoorn, the Queen Stage which concludes at the summit of the Swartberg Pass and the Grand Finale. In total the route will cover roughly 300 kilometres and provide riders with an intoxicating introduction to the world of week-long stage racing.

Riders entering the Momentum Health Cape Pioneer Trek Adventure, presented by Biogen, will take part in the solo categories and there will be no racing awards, to help keep the focus on enjoying the experience.

Prize money

To be confirmed

Prologue start times

To be confirmed


Click here to view results

UCI Rules

The Momentum Health Cape Pioneer Trek presented by Biogen will take place regardless of bad weather and will only be cancelled, re-routed or stopped for reasons of safety. In this event, entry fees are not refundable.

  1. Riders
    1. The qualifying rider minimum age for stage races are governed by the UCI.
    2. Riders will compete in 7 categories namely:
      Elite Men team
      Elite Women team
      Mixed team
      Veteran mens team
      Masters mens team
      Solo men
      Solo Women
  2. Bicycles
    1. Only bicycles in sound mechanical condition will be allowed to start the race.
    2. Riders have to finish the race with the same bike he/she started with – bikes can only be swopped if it is approved by a race commissaire in writing. Bikes may not be swopped for individual stages – this creates an unfair advantage.
    3. The race number board must be secured and always visible.
    4. The use of Tri-bars is prohibited, but handlebar ends are allowed.
    5. Each rider is responsible for the maintenance if his/her own bicycle and that it is in a safe working order before the race start.
    6. The race organizers will supply a technical area, at each of the overnight venues, where bicycles can be serviced and repaired.
    7. As per UCI ruling no E-bikes will be allowed to enter or participate in this event.  Tandem bikes will only be allowed if the race organisers are contacted prior to the race, if such categories can be created.
  3. Helmets & Clothing
    1. It is compulsory to wear a helmet at all times during the race, failing to do so will result in immediate disqualification.
    2. All helmets must comply with “SNELL & “ANSI” international standards.
    3. A cycle shirt and short must be we worn at all times.
  4. Equipment(Recommended)
    1. Always carry mobile phone, fully charged, and programmed with all the emergency numbers supplied at race registration. Please ensure that both riders carry a phone.
    2. First aid kit consisting of the following:
      1 x Stretch bandage
      2 x Dressings
      Adhesive plasters
      Foil survival blanket
      Sun block with a minimum SPF factor of 20.
    3. Each rider is responsible for his own personal medication as prescribed by his physician. Please consult the race medical team if in doubt about the legality thereof.
    4. We cover areas populated by honey bees, if you are in any way allergic to bee stings it is of paramount importance that you at all times carry your prescribed medication on you person. If you are not sure about your allergic status, please consult our race medical team at registration.
    5. Bike repair tools
      Spare tubes
      Multi tool
      Replacement derailleur hanger
      Inflation device (Pump etc)
    6. A minimum of 2.5l of fluid to be carried by each rider
  5. Hydration & Nutrition
    1. Riders are responsible for their own hydration & nutrition.
    2. Water & energy drinks will be supplied at the water stations.
  6. Official rules – UCI
    1. The race will be run in accordance and under the auspices of the UCI.
  7. Doping offences
    1. Any amateur or professional athlete under sanction from their federation or national anti-doping authority after 1 January 2016 will be banned for life from competing in the Cape Pioneer trek.
    2. The organizers also reserve the right to refuse any athlete (professional or amateur), which was under sanction from their federation or national anti-doping authority before 1 January 2016, to compete in the Cape Pioneer trek.
  8. Identification
    1. The race number boards of both riders must be displayed clearly and fixed according to specifications.
    2. Riders are obliged to wear the supplied race leaders jerseys linked to their category.
    3. Race number boards may not be altered with, or any of the sponsors’ logos obscured in any way.
  9. Medical
    1. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that he/she is well prepared to take on a race of this nature.
    2. The race doctor and his medical team reserves the right to prevent any rider from continuing the race if it deems necessary. Their decision is final.
  10. Daily start
    1. Team and Solo riders will be seeded for the start of stage 1 according to their SAS ranking as on 30 September 2017. Elite UCI riders will be seeded according to their UCI ranking and will have a separate start group
    2. From stage 2 – 6 riders will be ranked per their overall time on the general classification and allocated to a specific start chute.
    3. The start chute closes 5 minutes prior to the start of race and riders not arriving on time will start at the back.
  11. Timekeeping
    1. The race starts each day at 7:30 sharp. If any start times has to be changed, notice hereof will conveyed at the compulsory race briefing.
    2. The time of the 2nd rider of the team that crosses the finish line will be the teams’ official finishing time.
    3. Riders will not be allowed to start late – everyone starts together.
    4. The race cut off remains the same even in case of a late start.
  12. Cut off times and withdrawals
    1. TBA
    2. A rider not making the cut off will be allowed to continue all stages, but will not be declared an official finisher.
    3. Riders are allowed to miss 2 stage cut offs, the 3rd time the cut off is missed this rider will not be allowed to continue in the race.
    4. Any withdrawals has to be communicated to the race office immediately
    5. A rider that withdraws during the race must please convey his/her intentions to the nearest marshal.
    6. A sweep vehicle will transport all withdrawals and their bicycles to the stage finish venue.
    7. Withdrawn riders are welcome to accompany the race as a spectator, but no transport between stages will be supplied.
  13. Stages
    1. The organizers reserve the right to change a stage or completely abandon a stage if necessary.
    2. Such a stage (as in 12.1) will be declared a non-event and have no bearing on the overall results.
  14. Traffic rules
    1. General traffic rules apply on public roads.
    2. The Cape Pioneer Trek does not have any road closure, so please adhere to above (13.1) rules.
  15. Rider separation
    1. Riders of the same team have to ride together at all times.
    2. Team riders who are separated from their riding partner for more than 2 minutes during any time of a stage will be penalized by 30 minutes.
    3. The checking of rider separation will be checked en-route or at the finish line.
  16. Water points
    1. The exact location of the water points will be advertised in advance.
  17. Support
    1. Medical assistance will be supplied en route in the form of medical officers and at water points.
    2. We do not allow assistance to any rider from anyone outside of the race that being in the form of medical, nutritional or technical assistance.
    3. Outside assistance is only allowed at the designated technical zones
    4. No other seconding vehicles other than that of Cape Pioneer Trek are allowed on the route. If any non-official seconding vehicle can be linked to a specific rider or team, it will result in a time penalty, with a second offence resulting in immediate disqualification.
  18. Teams
    1. In the case of a withdrawal of a rider, a new team cannot be formed – the remaining team rider will continue the race as a solo rider but will not be in contention for any prizes but will be an official finisher.
    2. It remains the responsibility of the rider to inform the race organizer of his team’s change in status.
  19. Rider etiquette
    1. The integrity of each rider is relied upon regards to staying on the course and competing within the rules.
    2. If a rider leaves the course, for whatever reason, he has to enter course at the exact same spot he exited it.
    3. Basic rider etiquette applies at all times, not bringing the sport in disrepute.
    4. We travel through ecologically sensitive areas and persistent littering will result in disqualification. Any form of littering will results in fines imposed.
    5. Keep all your rubble for the water points where race officials will erect disposable bag stands.
  20. Protests
    1. The race is run in accordance with UCI rules and any protest must be submitted in writing to the chief race Commissaire.
  21. No prize money will be paid to any winners until an official notice has been issued by SAIDS (South African Institute for drug free Sport) clearing athletes concerned.
    1. Please note that attendance for the final prize giving is compulsory if you wish to receive your prize money.

The exact same rules apply for the elite women.

Please note that the win is provisional until all winning criteria are met which includes compliance to the event and UCI rules and regulations. To be in contention for the stage prize money, the team has to finish the race. The final decision lies with the race commissaire panel.

Race rules may be changed without notice.

Shuttle Services

The shuttles will cost R150.00 and riders will need to add this to their profile.

Spectator point, Technical and Feeding zones

To be confirmed

Supporter Packages




Meal Ticket : R3,420.00

Come eat with us! Including breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of the race, this ticket also includes you in the evening prize giving and general festivity each night in the dining tent. All meals are included, from lunch on the Prologue to the Finisher’s Function on the final day of racing.

Adventure Supporter Package : R2,160.00

All supporters of the Momentum Health Cape Pioneer Trek Adventure presented by Biogen have the option of purchasing a 4 day supporter package which will include dinner from Tuesday, 10 September 2019, to the Finisher’s Function on Saturday, 14 September 2019.

Pre-Adventure Supporter Package : R1,260.00

Are you a supporting a fellow rider of the full race AND participating in the 4 day Momentum Health Cape Pioneer Trek Adventure? Then this supporter package is perfect for you! It include meals from 8 September 2019, Sunday lunch, to 10 September 2019, Tuesday lunch.

Supporter Village Parking Pass: R2,900.00

Don’t feel like sleeping under canvas? This ticket, available to registered riders and their support, allows you to bring a Mobile Home for the week where you can park it in the supporter race village. Access will be granted from the 7th September 2019 to 13th of September 2019.


  • One supporter village parking pass will allow one vehicle (a mobile home or standard vehicle with a caravan or camping trailer) into the designated area. Each pass holder will receive a vehicle sticker to be placed on your mobile home/vehicle to ensure access to this area. NO STICKER, NO ENTRY.
  • All 2019 supporter village parking areas will occupy a clearly marked area of 8m x 5m. Pass holders will be limited to this area only, and this will be strictly monitored to ensure that every pass holder’s space and privacy is respected.
  • Unfortunately, no one will be allowed to move any race village tents or mattresses around, so if you require additional tents at your camper, be sure to bring your own – just as long as your private village fits onto your allowed area!
  • Every supporter village parking area will give you access to the ablution facilities of the village, as toilets and showers will be within walking distance of your parking area.
  • Each mobile home will have access to one power point, situated no more than 30 meters from you parking area. Please bring adequate electrical cabling to ensure you can reach the power supply.
  • All mobile home parking pass holders will be within walking distance from the race village, dining area and chill zone, and will have access to filtered drinking water.
  • The local host will also have a laundry service available at the race office.
  • Each pass will grant one driver access to the supporter village parking area and race village by way of a dedicated race wristband provided to drivers at registration.
  • Only holders of valid meal passes will be allowed to enter the dining area and given access to daily catered meals. These passes are available to drivers at an additional cost and can be booked on this page, above.
  • A detailed map and directions to all supporter village parking areas will be provided at registration.
  • The supporter village parking pass provides riders and their support with an alternative accommodation option, and are not available to external service providers.
  • The supporter village parking pass is for accommodation only.


The official race service providers are strictly selected and have exclusivity within our village area. If a holder of this pass needs to have their bike serviced or receive physiotherapy/sports massage at their supporter village site, they will have to obtain written permission prior to the race from Bernard le Roux at

What to bring

At race registration all riders will receive a Cape Pioneer Trek race bag and this will be the only piece of luggage that will be transported between stage locations, so please ensure that all your belongings fit into this bag. The race organisers will supply each rider with a comfortable mattress, but riders must supply their own sleeping bag, pillow and cover sheet. Please leave all valuables at home, the race organisers, and their partners, accept no responsibility for any lost or stolen goods.

What to bring for the ride:

A mobile phone

Fully charged and programmed with all the emergency numbers (supplied at race registration). Ensure that both riders carry a phone. Mobile phone charging facilities will be available at the race office.

First aid kit

Consisting of 1 x stretch bandage, 2 x dressings, adhesive plasters, foil survival blanket and sunblock with a minimum SPF factor of 20.

Bike repair tools

UST tyre repair kit, multi-tool, replacement derailleur hanger, inflation device (pump, bombs etc).


A minimum of 2.5L of fluid to be carried by each rider.


Three sets of cycling clothing (ensure you invest in some good quality cycling shorts).


Biogen food bars, chews, energy drink and tablets will be provided. If you use any other supplement brand, remember to bring it with you!

Eye protection

A pair of sunglasses.

Phone charger

What you will need at the race village:

Cash or credit card

Also, new for this year we will be using the “cashless” mobile app, Snapscan. Simply download the Snapscan application from your mobile‘s application store and you won’t need to worry about cards and cash.

Sleeping bag and cover sheet

Casual clothing

Slip slops

Torch / headlamp



Locks for your bag and tent

Laundry bag

Chamois cream

Mosquito repellent

Washing detergent

Hat or cap for the unforgiving Karoo sun

Personal medication

Laundry service

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