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The final stage of the 2015 #RacewithSoul is a 68km “dash” from Calitzdorp to Oudstoorn #RedstoneReward T-5min: 1 Stage to go, riders have a mere 66km from completing the 2015 #RacewithSoul #RedstoneReward #savoureverymoment.
Thank you Calitzdorp … We’re booking out of here, see you next year #RedstoneReward Chance of getting dropped in the neutral zone, even for the slowest riders. Riders are so stoked, the weather’s awesome and the final stage’s finish is only 66km away. Neutral zone will end once riders have left Calitzdorp. #snailpacefornow.
Team Jeep leads the bunch out of Calitzdorp on the #RedstoneReward. On board as Team SCOTT LCB 2 takes over pace making at 42kph. My ammo’s on Crisi Brothers for the Stage win. 13km in riders have hit the dirt, bunch strung like spaghetti. So much dust we can’t see who is laying down the smack. Bunch Strung out, watts getting chucked around like a hot potato, we can’t pass as it may compromise a rider.
At WP1, Team SCOTT LCB 2 have 01:13 on chasing Crisi bros, Team KMC, Team jeep and Team Asrin. Km26, Team SCOTT LCB 2 lead Crisi brothers at 00:47; and Team KMC, Team Asrin and Team Jeep by 01:11.
40km to go and Team KMC are driving the chase Gap to chasing group: 1:10. Leaders: Team SCOTT LCB 2 and Team SCOTT LCB 1 and Team Asrin who has separated. Leading riders having fun on the course. They have 01:15 on the chasing three teams.
33km to the finish. At half way, 33km in, Team KMC; Crisi brothers, Team Jeep and Chris Wolhuter have a deficit of 01:15. With the splits done, Piet and I now have to jaag the leaders. No easy task when it’s Team SCOTT LCB 2 on the cranks! Team Jeep have now gapped Team KMC bridging to Team SCOTT LCB 1.
With 23k to go: Team SCOTT LCB 2 have 00:55 on Team Jeep; Team KMC; Team SCOTT LCB 2 and Crisi brothers. Wolhuter bleeding at 02:10 behind leaders. Loadshedding has struck the suburb of Wolhuter #paincave
22km to go, Team SCOTT LCB 2 are power! Gaps: Team Jeep 01:01, Team KMC 01:32; Crisi brothers 01:32, and Team SCOTT LCB 1 02:30. 22km to go; Team Asrin at 4:00 back. Team Jeep are 2nd, giving it horns, 00:43 off leaders . Team KMC 3rd 01:20 back. 16km to go Crisis bros 4th at 02:18; Team SCOTT LCB 1 at 04:53 (They have massive lead on GC-no stress). Team Asrin are 05:20 off. Ladies still together with 25km to go.
Team SCOTT LCB 2 win the final 66km stage with an emphatic solo breakaway #mooimanne! And it’s the Dutchies, Team KMC hanging on to 3rd on the final 66km stage. #RedstoneReward We’re still waiting for GC leaders Team SCOTT LCB 1 who are taking no risks today, last we saw they were with Team Asrin. Team SCOTT LCB 1 and 2 have dominated this week, winning 5 stages and the Prologue #weapons! Team Sasol are your 2015 Women’s Champions!!! With Team Ascendis on their wheels. #RedstoneReward.

Esther Suss and Catherine Williamson took the stage win and overall womens title during stage 6 of the 2015 Cape Pioneer Trek between Calitzdorp and Oudtshoorn. Photo by Ewald Sadie

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