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With the Kammanassie conquered, today our riders tackle the SwartBerg Pass in the 66km “#SwartbergShowdown” T-10min to the start of the #SwartbergShowdown A reminder of what riders are in for today, 66km with 2150m ascent.
Our leader jerseys are on the grid, only overnight change is Craig Uria sneaking into the lead of the solo men. Leaving Du Rust, we have a 2km neutral zone. Neutral zone almost over as the bunch causally roll towards the iconic red cliffs in the distant #SwartbergShowdown Chad giving the #racewithsoul the thumbs up #highfives on the #SwartbergShowdown
All together at km 10. Erik Kleinhans on the head Riders making their way through Beautiful farm land 11km in. Front bunch includes all major men’s GC teams including vets. Ladies together in the 2nd bunch on the road.
18km mark At WP1, 20km in, riders have summited the first climb (more of a drag). Selection has been made!!! Pink jerseys Team Ascendis and 2nd place Team Sasol racing ladies are through WP1 together. Robyn & Jenni climbing well. Piet operating this bike like a boss. We’re speeding to catch leaders #SwartbergShowdown
Green green green … These farmers must be stoked with all the rain as Riders power up this tough climb at 22kms. 30kms in and the 2nd group on the road tick off the Kays. Leading vets and solo man included + 2nd placed Richard Damant. Leading group: Scott LCBx2; Jeep; Crisi bros; KMC; Kleinhans|wolhuter; Klein Karoo international.
At 32km; Raubenheimer Dam in all it’s glory. Riders will cross its wall and continue alongside for 2km towards Cango Caves. Lead group still the same minus Team Jeep, who have fallen off the wagon- will get time gap and story.
41km mark. Riders through WP2. Team Jeep have re-joined and Team Navworld – Squirtlube also in the mix at 42km mark. Philemon and Jan of Klein Karoo International are through WP2 about 2mins back. A quick refuel for Team Ascendis as they do their best to close 01:01 gap to Team Sasol racing ladies at WP2. Riders are headed into a black hole in terms of signal. We will most likely re-join action at the base of Swartberg Pass. Leaders have reached the “De Hoek” road, 47km mark (20km to go) Team SCOTT LCB 1 and Crisi brothers are leading It’s all back together!!!
With Swartberg looming it’s anyone’s guess as who will take the win. Hold on to your seats I think guys have slowed to save energy for the final 16km assault on the Swartberg Pass. Poker faces for dayzzz! Matthys Beukes throws down a few hundred watts 10km to go. Your leaders passing the 10km to go mark. This climb has been a nasty sting before the real deal #swartbergshowdown
Now On the lower slopes,Erik Kleinhans sets a steady pace , 7km to go Crisi brothers have upped the speed with Matthys and Gert in tow . They have 00:20 on Kleinhans and Wolhuter. Crisi brothers looking calm and focused. Matthys & Gert enjoying a free ride. Erik and Chris chasing like animals.
We have sped up to SkelmDraai vantage point. I wish I could be In three places at once to cover all action!! 3km to go from SkelmDraai From where we are … Matthys/Gert and Crisi brothers have a slim 0:17 advantage over Kleinhans and Wolhuter, 0:41 Phil and Arno. The theatre of battle. Matthys and Gert are charging now 1.5km to go. The Crisi Brothers reach the summit for hard earned 2nd place with Team Jeep taking 3rd on the #swartbergshowdown. Kleinhans and Wolhuter put up a brave fight but couldn’t hang ball in the end, finishing up 4th. We’re eagerly awaiting the Women’s teams. At WP2 Sasol Ladies had slender lead over pink jersey wearers Team Ascendis. Sasol need 07:59 on GC. Sasol racing Ladies take the stage, crossing the line with the day’s winning mixed pair Two Motion Racing #bravo! Team Sasol have ridden their hearts out as Team Ascendis cross the line 11:17 behind. This means that the pink jersey changes shoulders again! Sasol Ladies inherit the overall lead from Team Ascendis with a margin of 02:27.
Images from Cape Pioneer Trek Stage4 #SwartbergShowdown captured by

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