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The Momentum Health Cape Pioneer Trek presented by Biogen will take place regardless of bad weather and will only be cancelled, re-routed or stopped for reasons of safety. In this event, entry fees are not refundable.

  1. Riders
    1. The qualifying rider minimum age for stage races are governed by the UCI.
    2. Riders will compete in 7 categories namely:
      Elite Men team
      Elite Women team
      Mixed team
      Veteran mens team
      Masters mens team
      Solo men
      Solo Women
  2. Bicycles
    1. Only bicycles in sound mechanical condition will be allowed to start the race.
    2. Riders have to finish the race with the same bike he/she started with – bikes can only be swopped if it is approved by a race commissaire in writing. Bikes may not be swopped for individual stages – this creates an unfair advantage.
    3. The race number board must be secured and always visible.
    4. The use of Tri-bars is prohibited, but handlebar ends are allowed.
    5. Each rider is responsible for the maintenance if his/her own bicycle and that it is in a safe working order before the race start.
    6. The race organizers will supply a technical area, at each of the overnight venues, where bicycles can be serviced and repaired.
    7. As per UCI ruling no E-bikes will be allowed to enter or participate in this event.  Tandem bikes will only be allowed if the race organisers are contacted prior to the race, if such categories can be created.
  3. Helmets & Clothing
    1. It is compulsory to wear a helmet at all times during the race, failing to do so will result in immediate disqualification.
    2. All helmets must comply with “SNELL & “ANSI” international standards.
    3. A cycle shirt and short must be we worn at all times.
  4. Equipment(Recommended)
    1. Always carry mobile phone, fully charged, and programmed with all the emergency numbers supplied at race registration. Please ensure that both riders carry a phone.
    2. First aid kit consisting of the following:
      1 x Stretch bandage
      2 x Dressings
      Adhesive plasters
      Foil survival blanket
      Sun block with a minimum SPF factor of 20.
    3. Each rider is responsible for his own personal medication as prescribed by his physician. Please consult the race medical team if in doubt about the legality thereof.
    4. We cover areas populated by honey bees, if you are in any way allergic to bee stings it is of paramount importance that you at all times carry your prescribed medication on you person. If you are not sure about your allergic status, please consult our race medical team at registration.
    5. Bike repair tools
      Spare tubes
      Multi tool
      Replacement derailleur hanger
      Inflation device (Pump etc)
    6. A minimum of 2.5l of fluid to be carried by each rider
  5. Hydration & Nutrition
    1. Riders are responsible for their own hydration & nutrition.
    2. Water & energy drinks will be supplied at the water stations.
  6. Official rules – UCI
    1. The race will be run in accordance and under the auspices of the UCI.
  1. Doping offences
    1. Any amateur or professional athlete under sanction from their federation or national anti-doping authority after 1 January 2016 will be banned for life from competing in the Cape Pioneer trek.
    2. The organizers also reserve the right to refuse any athlete (professional or amateur), which was under sanction from their federation or national anti-doping authority before 1 January 2016, to compete in the Cape Pioneer trek.
    1. Identification
      1. The race number boards of both riders must be displayed clearly and fixed according to specifications.
      2. Riders are obliged to wear the supplied race leaders jerseys linked to their category.
      3. Race number boards may not be altered with, or any of the sponsors’ logos obscured in any way.
    2. Medical
      1. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that he/she is well prepared to take on a race of this nature.
      2. The race doctor and his medical team reserves the right to prevent any rider from continuing the race if it deems necessary. Their decision is final.
    3. Daily start
      1. Team and Solo riders will be seeded for the start of stage 1 according to their SAS ranking as on 30 September 2017. Elite UCI riders will be seeded according to their UCI ranking and will have a separate start group
      2. From stage 2 – 6 riders will be ranked per their overall time on the general classification and allocated to a specific start chute.
      3. The start chute closes 5 minutes prior to the start of race and riders not arriving on time will start at the back.
    4. Timekeeping
      1. The race starts each day at 7:30 sharp. If any start times has to be changed, notice hereof will conveyed at the compulsory race briefing.
      2. The time of the 2nd rider of the team that crosses the finish line will be the teams’ official finishing time.
      3. Riders will not be allowed to start late – everyone starts together.
      4. The race cut off remains the same even in case of a late start.
    5. Cut off times and withdrawals
      1. TBA
      2. A rider not making the cut off will be allowed to continue all stages, but will not be declared an official finisher.
      3. Riders are allowed to miss 2 stage cut offs, the 3rd time the cut off is missed this rider will not be allowed to continue in the race.
      4. Any withdrawals has to be communicated to the race office immediately
      5. A rider that withdraws during the race must please convey his/her intentions to the nearest marshal.
      6. A sweep vehicle will transport all withdrawals and their bicycles to the stage finish venue.
      7. Withdrawn riders are welcome to accompany the race as a spectator, but no transport between stages will be supplied.
    6. Stages
      1. The organizers reserve the right to change a stage or completely abandon a stage if necessary.
      2. Such a stage (as in 12.1) will be declared a non-event and have no bearing on the overall results.
    7. Traffic rules
      1. General traffic rules apply on public roads.
      2. The Cape Pioneer Trek does not have any road closure, so please adhere to above (13.1) rules.
    8. Rider separation
      1. Riders of the same team have to ride together at all times.
      2. Team riders who are separated from their riding partner for more than 2 minutes during any time of a stage will be penalized by 30 minutes.
      3. The checking of rider separation will be checked en-route or at the finish line.
    9. Water points
      1. The exact location of the water points will be advertised in advance.
    10. Support
      1. Medical assistance will be supplied en route in the form of medical officers and at water points.
      2. We do not allow assistance to any rider from anyone outside of the race that being in the form of medical, nutritional or technical assistance.
      3. Outside assistance is only allowed at the designated technical zones
      4. No other seconding vehicles other than that of Cape Pioneer Trek are allowed on the route. If any non-official seconding vehicle can be linked to a specific rider or team, it will result in a time penalty, with a second offence resulting in immediate disqualification.
    11. Teams
      1. In the case of a withdrawal of a rider, a new team cannot be formed – the remaining team rider will continue the race as a solo rider but will not be in contention for any prizes but will be an official finisher.
      2. It remains the responsibility of the rider to inform the race organizer of his team’s change in status.
    12. Rider etiquette
      1. The integrity of each rider is relied upon regards to staying on the course and competing within the rules.
      2. If a rider leaves the course, for whatever reason, he has to enter course at the exact same spot he exited it.
      3. Basic rider etiquette applies at all times, not bringing the sport in disrepute.
      4. We travel through ecologically sensitive areas and persistent littering will result in disqualification. Any form of littering will results in fines imposed.
      5. Keep all your rubble for the water points where race officials will erect disposable bag stands.
    13. Protests
      1. The race is run in accordance with UCI rules and any protest must be submitted in writing to the chief race Commissaire.
    14. No prize money will be paid to any winners until an official notice has been issued by SAIDS (South African Institute for drug free Sport) clearing athletes concerned.
      1. Please note that attendance for the final prize giving is compulsory if you wish to receive your prize money.

The exact same rules apply for the elite women.

Please note that the win is provisional until all winning criteria are met which includes compliance to the event and UCI rules and regulations. To be in contention for the stage prize money, the team has to finish the race. The final decision lies with the race commissaire panel.

Race rules may be changed without notice.

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